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School options at NewQuay

Last week, Minister for Education James Merlino announced Stage 2 of the ‘Inner City Schools Package’ to deliver schools to expanding inner city suburbs including the much talked about Docklands Primary school.

Rumored to be in NewQuay and expected to be completion in 2019, the new primary school will add to the extensive list of education options already available to families at NewQuay.

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Primary Schools Highlights

North Melbourne Primary State School
Cratering for Prep to Grade 6, North Melbourne Primary School ranks in the top third of state primary schools in Victoria and is located less then 3km from NewQuay.

With over 500 students currently attending North Melbourne Primary School the school is well equipped to provide a well-rounded education experience. Featuring flexible learning spaces, ample room for sporting activities and after school care programs this State school is an excellent education option for any child.

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St Michaels North Melbourne

One of many private primary schools in the inner city region, St Michaels is also located only 10 minutes from NewQuay. This small school currently has just over 100 enrolled students across Prep to Grade 6 meaning that children are given the attention they need to learn and grow.  The school has achieved excellent NAPLAN assessment score which averaged 99.3% of students meeting the national average test scores.

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Secondary Schools Highlights

University High

One of the most sought after non selective entry state secondary schools, University High is an ideal state school option for residents of NewQuay to send their children.

Ranked in the top 30 by NAPLAN testing and top 100 in all schools in the state, University High provides a well-rounded education options which include accelerated learning programs associated with Melbourne University.

With an extensive list of 39 subjects available to students in addition to extracurricular activities including music, sports and global exchange programs there is something to stimulate any young adult.

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Haileybury College

Consistently ranked as one of the best schools in the state, Haileybury College has opened its long awaited city campus located only 1km from NewQuay.

Featuring 13,000 square meters of space across 10 stories including a rooftop terrace and green space, the city campus of Haileybury caters for approximately 800 students. This uniquely located vertical school provides its students with unique learning opportunities in the heart of the CBD.

Haileybury College’s record of excellence was capped off in 2015 by achieving a record setting five perfect V.C.E. TER scores of 99.95 and being ranked in the top 1% of schools according to NAPLAN testing.

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Tertiary education Highlights

University of Melbourne

Ranked as the number one university in Australia and 33rd in the world, University of Melbourne is the education destination for those looking to excel in their chosen careers.

From Science, medicine and health care to Business, law and arts – Melbourne University is able to provide a challenging, world class education for its students in a central location in Melbourne thriving business center.

The Parkville campus is directly connected with NewQuay via a 20 minute tram ride, or a 15 minute bike ride.

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Australian National University (ANU)

ANU is the 3rd ranked university in Australia and a respectful 47th in the world making it one of Australia premier education locations.

Located a short tram ride away from NewQuay ANU offers world class and alternate pathway education for local and international students alike. Whether it is Science, medicine, law or business ANU will provide the right educational environment to help reach goals.

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