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Multimillion transformation of Harbour Town Docklands

A multimillion dollar transparent steel and Teflon roof canopy to provide shelter from the elements is the first of a series of upgrades set to begin at Harbour Town Melbourne and will establish the centre as one of Melbourne’s leading shopping and entertainment precincts.

In addition to the expansive roof canopy that will cover Star Crescent and Wharf Street, redevelopment of mall facades and shopping amenities will provide a significant boost to the overall shopping and leisure experience of the Centre.

Renowned agency, Red Design Group,  were given a brief to create a clean, contemporary and inviting feel for the centre that would complement the existing mall structure and outdoor setting.

“We based our concept for the centre around the proposition that Harbour Town Melbourne was already unique in its outdoor living environment,” said Colin Bell, Creative Director Red Design.

“Using that, our design theme draws on the natural environment with recessed timbers contrasting with vegetation to soften the walkways – ultimately creating a ‘green oasis’ and an opportunity to engage with the customers with  a range of pause points along their shopping journey.”

As part of the overhaul customer pathways around the centre will be improved and a number of under utilised pedestrian bridges and escalators removed, which will allow for the creation of two major plazas that will serve as event spaces and interaction hubs.

The unique canopy that will provide shelter to the centre is the brainchild of global design firm, The Buchan Group.

“The overriding design imperative for the canopy project is to touch as lightly and unobtrusively as possible on the ‘open’ sense of the existing centre ” said Joe Genovesi, Buchan Group Design Principal.

“We have the opportunity to enhance the customer experience by providing additional protection from the elements by incorporating a simple and elegant ‘floating’ canopy that allows natural light to penetrate and provide a year round outdoor shopping experience.”

Alton Abrahams, Principal at AsheMorgan, owners of Harbour Town, said AsheMorgan are set to undertake significant capital investment in the centre in the years ahead.

“We are pleased to see the initial stages of the overall master plan coming to fruition.  These leading edge upgrades mark the beginning of the Centre’s multi staged redevelopment project.   We look forward to our vision for this unique shopping and entertainment precinct being brought to life.

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