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The Nolan

The fourth of the towers, The Nolan, is a 24-level tower of 204 apartments, which takes on a slightly different persona from the adjacent buildings.The use of glass has been increased and interest created in the façade with the use of enclosed balcony sections to provide dramatic projecting viewing pods to the apartments.The podium facade has also been handled differently, in terms of its  expression and its treatment of its car parking levels.

The commitment by MAB Corporation to an Arts Precinct continued at The Nolan with the incorporation of a gold wave wall screening piece by Alexander Knox called ‘Ned and Dan’ The Nolan tower was finished in November 2003, on time, on budget and to the satisfaction of customers. It was testimony to the good relationships MAB had maintained with suppliers. While relations between developer and contractor can be difficult at times, MAB and the NewQuay contractors had put significant effort into building good partnerships. This remains a source of pride for all parties.

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