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Craft Cubed: River Studios

In conjunction with the 2018 Craft Cubed Festival, Library at The Dock showcases the diverse practices and art forms of the collective of artists, designers and craftspeople who call River Studios home.

These artists work across a range of mediums from painting, printmaking, collage, photography to jewellery, textiles and ceramics. Represented are: David Agresti, Will Ainger, Nicole Bilinksi, Julie Burston, Simone Deckers, Pauline Delaney, Roze Elizabeth, Vincenza Fazzalori, Marty Gordon, Coralie Kane, Wendy King, Eloise Linklater, Nicole Macdonald, Inbal Nissim, Katie Starkey, Lin Tobias, Max Lawrence White and Harmony Wilkinson.


Open during library hours.