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Le Bar Europeen

After a voyage into Europe, two lovers met in a small bar in Italy. Inspired by the warmth and cosiness of their surroundings, they decided to build a small bar based on those feelings they had discovered so long ago, and thus, Le Bar Europeèn was conceived and opened on Valentine’s Day of 2018.

After 3 long and tiring days, Michael and Julie (with the help of other staff) built a bar on which they captured the essence of the rustic and old buildings of France and Italy.

With a room of only 2.6 square meters (26 square feet) and a liquor licence for only 4 people, this bar has been entered into The Guinness Book of World Records as possibly the smallest bar in the world.

Come in and join the experience of possibly the smallest bar in the world at GlowGolf Docklands now.

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