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Docklands is booming

There are more people than ever in Docklands.

Our footpaths and promenades are more crowded than ever and more people live here too.

Development Victoria has just released population estimates showing 13,000 residents and 65,000 workers making the trip here each day.

The City of Melbourne has been counting pedestrians in Docklands since 2009 and the 2018 figures are the highest.

Last year, the four automated pedestrian counters recorded 6,322,180 impressions across four sites – NewQuay Promenade, Victoria Point, Waterfront City and the Webb footbridge.

The total annual numbers had been hovering at about 5.5 million since 2010, but took off significantly last year – mostly noticeably in NewQuay where nearly two million pedestrians were recorded (1,999,226).

The numbers at Victoria Point (corner of Bourke St and Harbour Esplanade) have been rising steadily since 2012, but are still down on a peak period during 2010 and 2011. Last year 1.6 million pedestrians were recorded here.

The numbers recorded at the western end of NewQuay Promenade at Waterfront City have been steady over the past decade. Last year, nearly one million people were recorded (998,022).

In 2018 the highest number of pedestrians crossed the river via Webb Bridge. Numbers here have been rising steadily – from just 324,929 in 2009 to 1,722,797 in 2018.

Development Victoria (DV) says in March this year, it estimates 13,000 people now live in Docklands. Unlike the national census, DV multiplies the number of apartments by 1.3 residents to arrive at its estimate.

The 2016 Census found the Docklands had a residential population of 10,437 – more than double the 2011 number.

DV further predicts a final residential population of 25,000 by 2025 and between 80,000 and 100,000 daily commuting workers.

And, with all these people, the Docklands Chamber of Commerce is reporting success for its members.

“Retail is tough everywhere, but the long summer has been good for our members,” said chamber president Johanna Maxwell.

Mrs Maxwell said the entertainment precinct at The District Docklands was working well, with the new Hoyts and the Melbourne Star reporting growing figures.

“Some of our newcomers are doing really well too,” Mrs Maxwell said.

“All the indicators I’m getting from people is that things are growing.”


Article first appeared in Docklands News:

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